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Who we are

At Tisalabs we are inventors, innovators and visionaries. We thrive to build next generation of software and hardware solutions to help our customers navigate the new era of technological challenges. We focus on Security of IoT devices. We have a deep knowledge of Neural Networks, the industry’s most used methods for AI and Machine learning. Our core expertise is in developing state of the art, secure, safe IoT platforms which are future proofed.

Intelligence at the Edge

Intelligence at the edge

While the internet has traditionally only connected computers and people, IoT brings together all kinds of connected devices into a global network of distributed intelligence. This evolution opens up a new world of innovation and creativity. While IoT may be relatively new, organizations worldwide are rapidly adopting it in their business models and many are already reaping significant benefits. The growth of mobile, cloud computing, and big data has created the perfect environment to make IoT real and ready to scale.

IoT security is essential

Securing the IoT is one of the big barriers to IoT reaching its full potential. To truly protect the billions of devices entering the field, security needs to be considered at the very beginning of device design—built in from the ground up and throughout the full lifecycle of the device. As the IoT starts to fix real-world problems, the value of assets inside IoT devices will only increase, making them prime targets for hackers.

IoT Technology
IoT Applications

IoT applications

Every day the IoT is fueling bold new business models and giving consumers new ways to improve virtually every aspect of their lives. So, what are some of the most promising IoT applications now gaining traction in the market? How do organizations derive value from these applications? And what do these applications promise for future growth opportunities, operational efficiencies, and technology innovation?

IoT technologies

The technologies required to develop and secure the Internet of Things are even more complex, interdependent, and pervasive than those that gave rise to the internet itself. Getting them right is critical; but so is knowing how to bring them all together. Technology development and ecosystem orchestration goes hand-in-hand as industry participants turn working concepts into real solutions that advance markets and enrich lives.

IoT Technology

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