“We spend Six Months of our lifetime Queuing”

No wonder it seems to take ages getting to the front of a queue. We spend nearly three days waiting in them over a year, and six months over a lifetime, according to a survey by auction site madbid.com.

Government Agencies Demo


Have you ever wondered why we still stand in line for getting services from our government?

In fact, the #1 citizen complaint when accessing these services is how long they have to wait in-line to conduct their official business. One of the best ways for government offices to improve this key metric for quality of service and also improve the productivity of government employees is to reduce those wait times to the minimum possible.

vQpass reduces citizen waiting time and boosts staff productivity. The use of quality engineering techniques for queue management and citizen flow analysis form the basis of the practice change process enables better queue management and a better distribution of citizens to the appropriate officer when they arrive in a government building.

Healthcare Provider Demo

Read the howto for Healthcare providers

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Reduce the waiting time, Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients sitting for long periods of time in crowded waiting rooms is as unpleasant as it is unhealthy.

Hospitals and health practices bad reviews have nothing to do with medicine or quality of care and more to do with long and un explained waiting times either on trolleys, in waiting rooms or at xray machines. With vQpass healthcare organizations are able to provide the best experience for both the practitioners and the patients by giving them an option to interact with their health provider from the comfort of their home/car coffee shop etc.

Take the crowd out of the waiting rooms and allow for the health practitioners to interact with their patient through the vQpass app. No more waiting hours to get seen by a doctor. No more resources wasted because of a patient cancelling at last minutes with notice or option for someone else to take his/her spot.

Education providers Demo

Read the howto attendance management in universities

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A student enrolled in a school is required to attend. The control and management of absenteeism is carried out first at the level of the teacher, then at the level of the administration. Attendance management is serious and time consuming.

How is the attendance Managed? Every teacher is responsible for his class and his also in charge of taking attendance for all students. Every absence is reported to the school administration and to the principal. The principal in turn makes contact with the students and most of the time does not get the opportunity to do so as there are no systems in place to help. Attendance management has always been a time consuming task for schools, high schools, and universities.

vQpass provides an efficient way to manage the attendance of the students, and allows the managers to supervise the punctuality in their specific departments.

Theme Parks, See how to improve your service

Theme parks

It’s fun time, don’t ruin it by making your customer wait

Gain additional revenue by getting guests out of queues and into areas where they can enjoy themselves while increasing your revenue:

• Average retail sales per person per hour while not in line: $5.37
• Average park visit: 8.75 hours
• Average time spent in line: 33% *

Let vQpass help you increase your revenue by allowing your customers the opportunity to spend the time out of line into your services.

Enhanced visitor experience:
vQpass allows you to communicate with your customers/guests while they are in your care, send them messages, special offers or allow them to communicate with each other while enjoying themselves.

Increase Customer behaviour visibility:
Track what your customers are doing to better understand their needs and allow them a more customised experience. With the text messaging service you can communicate directly with your customers, get their direct revue of the experience and get a chance to change a bad review to great experience while they are still in your care.

Event Management Demo

Read the howto manage queues during events

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Don't waste your time at the queues, use the rides

Spending hours to queue for a chance to sit in at the latest Sony or vega game is a waste of your time. vQpass allows you to make your customers happier by allowing them to move around and enjoy other experiences without losing them. Once their turn comes they are calling in through the app by allowing them enough time to get to your event. If they require more time, they can ask for it and get it, which will allow you to get other customers inline and keep the current ones that are queuing.

Retail Management Demo


Enough waiting time losses! vQpass allows you to reclaim your lost time, by allowing you to use it for something more enjoyable than waiting. For example go for a coffee take the kids to the playground, meet a friend or anything else that takes your fancy. The vQpass is more than a queuing app, it allows you to be more in contact with your customer to understand their needs and how you can serve them better. A customer that enters a retail store it’s a lost opportunity if he does not visit your shop, send him/her your current promotions, tell the customer that there are no queues at the moment for your service, send him coupons so he can come and by now, this is your opportunity to increase sales don’t waste on by leaving the customer wait somewhere else.

"No one likes to have to wait for things, especially when you are in a crowded shop, or waiting in the cold at a bus stop, so to find out we spend six months of our life doing just that is quite shocking"

653hrs waiting for trains

Hanging around on platforms waiting for your train, or queuing at bus stops, takes up 27 days - although it often feels much longer than that.

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