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Have you ever met anyone who likes waiting inline? The answer is always no! In the current age of getting all you need at the palm of your hand and not having the time to wait for anything it is more critical to have a better system for managing your queues. We have invented vQpass the solution to all of your needs.

What is vQpass

vQpass is the number 1 solution to managing your queues, whether it is an event, a government building or a theme park vQpass allows you to create, manage and monitor your virtual queing system while maintining your traditional queuing. After using vQpass your customers and employees will love it.

How it Works

Sign in and choose your favorite event queue

Get notifications on your position in the queue and time to wait

Go to the top of the queue


Virtual Queue management

Create a queue, customers will sign up using the mobile app Once signed up they can then track their position in the queue, request more time or reschedule for a different date

Event management

Create events, track customer interaction with your event and book meetings for key customers. VIP passes are possible to allow most valuable customers to be at the top of the line knowing their needs and requirements


Increased customer satisfaction
Reduced Customer Complaints
Increased customer engagement
Realtime customer feedback and insight
Increased Staff productivity and content

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